Here you will find some information on our flock and the breeds that we have! You will also find some pictures of the beautiful eggs they produce! We sell hatching and eating eggs to locals!

Hen Breeds:

Currently we have about 45 hens but that number is constantly changing. Above is a slideshow of a few pictures of some of the ladies that make up our beautiful egg basket! Some of the breeds we have include, Black Copper Maran, Easter Egger, Olive Egger, Azure Egger, Isbar, Welsummer, Barnyard Cross, Cochin, Wyandotte, Americauna, Turken (Naked Neck), Gold Sex Links, and more with the possibility of frizzle!


Above is a slideshow showing off some of our best egg photos! If you are local to Northern California, we sell hatching eggs for you to pick up and hatch your own chicks that will give you a colorful egg basket like ours! Some of the pictured eggs are from chickens hatched from our own eggs!

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