This page is a work in progress. We hope to have all of our resources surrounding goat care uploaded soon! Click on the titles to see and download the documents.

This is a must for every single animal on the farm. It’s an amazing way to keep track of medical histories for all types of animals. I use it for things like vaccinations, copper doses, any supplements, and any other vet visits. If you ever purchase an animal from us, it will come with a health sheet with it’s complete medical history!

I find this way of organizing very helpful for registering kids with ADGA later on. This sheet includes all the information on an ADGA registration paper and is a good way to jot down notes before you apply for the official registration papers.

Information coming soon!

A checklist is very useful for preparing for your first kids, especially when you are so excited you can’t think straight! This is my go to routine for new kids but everybody is different and everyone will recommend something different to you so make sure to practice what works best for you and your doe.

A great way to keep track of how much you are spending vs. how much you are making on your farm. It can be easy to spend a lot of money without realizing it so I’ve found writing everything down to be very helpful for future reference.

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