Junior Does

Seder6farm Juniper “Junie”

DOB: 4/13/2022

So far Junie has definitely inherited her mom’s general appearance and body capacity and I’m really hoping she get’s her dad’s udder genetics. She is very smoothly blended and has a very nice topline. Nice width between the hocks, flat boned, and open with a lean neck and overall correct rear legs.. She could use some improvement with overall dairy strength but I really like how she’s maturing so far. She’s outdone my expectations for her at every show she’s been to so far and I can’t wait to breed her! Her half sister on the dam’s side has scored 90 on her LA and won numerous champion and reserve titles. I’m confident that Juniper will fair very well at future shows!


Dam: Little Prairie MR Butterscotch

DD: Little Prairie Tootsie +V+V 85

DDD: Kickapoo Creek SB Oreo VVEV

DDS: Dragonfly HLJ Affirmed

DS: Castle Rock Moon Rock +*B VEE 91

DSD: SGCH Castle Rock Moon Beam 3*M
EEEE 92 (2nd place 3 year old and 2nd place udder at ADGA nationals, 3x GCH, 8x BOB, 6x BU)

DSS: Castle Rock Chicago Peace *B

Sire: Curbstone Valley Hyperion

SD: Curbstone Valley Callirrhoe VEVE

SDD: GCH Alegedi Farm RB Ocean
Flower EEEE 92 (2x JGCH, 2x RGCH, 2x GCH, 5x BOB, 1x BU and Silver JuJu award 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019)

SDS: Castle Rock Abraham Darby

SS: 3G Family Farm CC Apollo Arrow
VVV 87

SSD: SGCH Castle Rock Karhmann
Ghia EEEE 91 (3rd place 2019 ADGA nationals, 4x RGCH, 3x GCH, 1x BOB)

SSS: J-Nels L Chocolate Crinkle VEV

Show Highlights:

2022: 4th place junior kid – REDGA show

2022: 2nd place junior kid – Sonoma County Fair

Seder6farm Magnolia (blue eyes)

DOB: 5/30/2022

Maggie has a lot of strong dairy genetics behind her and I’m excited to watch her grow! So far I can already tell her top line is a huge improvement over her dam and I can only hope she gets her udder. She’s also very wide and excels in body capacity with good brisket extension. Don’t be fooled by the lack of milk stars and LA on her sire’s side. Her SD has a very well balanced udder with correct and large teats and good attachment. She comes from amazing castle rock lineage including Castle Rock Guy Noir. Maggie comes from great udders on both sides and I’m excited to eventually see a ff udder from this doeling.


Dam: Little Prairie MNC Vale

DD: Little Prairie OC PrairieVista +VV+

DDD: Sly Farms GN Blue Violet

DDS: Curbstone Valley AD Octavius *B

DS: Farm Oldesouth Man N Command

DSD: SGCH Rosasharn GX UDiamond
VVEE 90 (elite doe, 2014 #1 doe in milk and butterfat and #7 in protein for ADGA and AGS)

DSS: Farm Oldesouth Cherokee

Sire: Candor Ranch Sandor the Hound

SD: Fort Udder Appleblossom

SDD: Blossom Mountain CW Bluebell

SDS: Sly Farms MS Catcher

SS: Minimythic SL King Oberon

SSD: Eagle River Shades SatinnLacie

SSS: Minimythic WK Sir Lancelot

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