2023 Kidding Schedule

The 2023 kidding schedule is up! This year all breedings will be with bucks owned by different farms and pictures of the buck may only be available upon request and not posted to the website.

If you would like to reserve a kid or inquire about a goat, please fill out a form linked below or send me an email. A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to hold a certain goat.

Due dates, pairings, and prices are subject to change at any time. If you are interested in reserving a kid or knowing more about the goats, feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns! We reserve the right to retain any kid from any breeding. Kids will be weaned at 10-12 weeks old, disbudded (if necessary), and given their CD&T vaccination and booster before leaving. Kids will come with their registration papers (if applicable) and a health record sheet of all medical procedures done in their lifetime. Does and bucklings will be tattooed before leaving the farm unless otherwise specified. If you would like to tattoo them yourself, please let me know and we will accommodate that! ADGA registration will be done online as it is much faster this way and official papers will be sent directly to your address unless paper is preferred.

2023 Breedings:

Little Prairie MR Butterscotch

(Little Prairie Tootsie x Castle Rock Moon Rock VEE91)

Wee3Farms D Posedon

(Southside Nyx VVEE90 x Wee3Farms HC Debonair)

Photos courtesy of Twist of Fate Ranch

Due April 4th, 2023 (Not yet confirmed bred)

Does: $450 Buck: $300

1st choice doe retained (Reservations open)

Polled and moonspots possible

Read more about this amazing pairing and the genetic achievements of both Butter and Posedon on my instagram. This is a pairing I will definitely be retaining a doeling from!

Little Prairie P Nell (FF)

(Little Prairie MNC Vale x Curbstone Valley Pollinator)

Goat Addiction Hpnotiq

(GA Mochatini EEEE90 x GA Stormy Elk *B)

Photos Courtesy of Twist of Fate Ranch

Due April 4th, 2023 (Not yet confirmed bred)

Does: $400 Whether: $175

1st choice doe retained (Reservations open)

Polled possible

Little Prairie MNC Vale

(Little Prairie OC PrairieVista x Farm Oldesouth Man N Command)

OT Top Moonstone River Moon

(Winding River Bluebell x OT Top Moonstone Jasper Moon)

Due April 10, 2023 (Not yet confirmed bred)

Does: $350 Whether: $175

Reservations open

Polled and Moonspots possible

Seder6Farm Magnolia (FF)

(Little Prairie MNC Vale x Candor Ranch Sandor the Hound)

Thunder Buddy Twisters Tank

(Bouncin Around StrwbrryParfait x Harley Hillside IHeart Stout)

Not yet Bred

Does: $350 Whether: $175

Reservations open

Blue eyes possible

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