For Sale

This is where you’ll find any animals we currently have for sale! We reserve the right to cancel or refuse sale to anyone. We do not offer transportation services for livestock. If you are interested or want to know more information, please contact us at

Right now, our sow Petunia as well as four of her piglets are for sale! Petunia is $300 and her piglets are an additional $250 each. For more information, contact us or see our craiglist ads.

We pretty much always have eggs for sale! Check out the chickens page for pictures of the rainbow eggs we offer for hatching and eating. Hatching eggs will be collected same day you pick them up and will not be washed. Eating eggs will be washed and as fresh as possible. Looking for more pictures? Check out our instagram @sederfarm for more eggs information! We are a CA SEFS compliant farm.

We have just started offering Cayuga duck hatching and eating eggs! Email us for more information if you are interested!

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